YOuth workers Using Theatre Augmenting cReativity is a two-years project based on theatre techniques to increase the skills of youth workers.



YO.US.T.A.R. focuses on theatre and performing arts as tools to foster the social inclusion of young people, based on an innovative theatre methods developed in other EU-funded projects by LA GUILLA Theatre and Know&Can.


The project moves from a review of theory and practice in the field of theatre as a tool for integration, to facilitating a toolkit that can be deployed by NGOs/theatre working in the field of youth, to an e-booklet with case studies from the partners and a collection of recommendations for practitioners and youth workers to work with theatre for social inclusion across Europe.


The project has three overall objectives:

1) to increase the social inclusion of young people through theatre, building on the European values of acceptance of diversity and tolerance, and the promotion of intercultural dialogue as represented by Antigone and Aeneas Greek and Latin myths;

2) to give young people a space where they can use theatre to foster self-esteem, self-consciousness and confidence in a new and stimulating environment;

3) to offer staff working with youth in theatres and NGOs a tool (the YO.US.T.A.R. toolkit) which will enable deeper understanding of their clients and will increase their professional skills in the field of art and social inclusion.


There are seven partners in YO.US.T.A.R. project. All partners are theatre or cultural organisations working closely with youth. The consortium envisages that each organisation will be working on the project pilot workshops themselves and will cascade these workshops out to their networks and youth.